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Beware of VoIP Hackers

VoIP Hackers


Hacking is often associated with computers being remotely accessed for information and data due to a flaw in the system and vulnerability caused by the Internet. This leads to leaked information and documents impacting customers privacy and sensitive information, along with the impacted company’s reputation and security. However, hacking can also occur with VoIP systems, as many companies communicate via calls and the system is also linked to the Internet.

Recently, Cisco discovered a bug that impacted phones by allowing hackers to access and even make calls to gain information. They have created an update to resolve the threat, which will be available in August. The Cisco phones that were targeted were 6800, 7800, and 8800 systems.

The strategy for attackers is to attack the phone systems during times when the office is vacant for a longer time period, which includes weekends and holidays, as it takes longer to notice and act. In this period, they will try to increase a company’s phone bill by making outgoing or long-distance calls. There are also other forms of threats beyond a costly phone bill.

a. Eavesdropping is a major risk, creating an opportunity for hackers to listen in on calls and gather classified data and knowledge. These calls may include sensitive information pertaining to clients or the company itself.

b. Voicemail hacking is another threat, as important messages can be accessed and used for malicious purposes such as blackmail.

c. Softphone hacking allows attackers to replicate a company’s account by discovering the authentication details. From this, the hackers can listen in on conversations or take a more active approach and make phone calls impersonating the company.

d. Denial of service aims to prevent actions from a company, such as intervening and blocking outgoing calls.

e. Toll fraud refers to hackers using a company’s phone systems to complete long distance calls with toll charges, producing an expensive phone bill for the company to pay.

Therefore, it is important to be mindful of these threats, and have security precautions in place to deal with situations like these. By being aware of the tactics used by hackers, a company can better understand how to avoid or even protect sensitive information.

Benefits of VoIP

Benefits of VoIP

1. Price: VoIP systems have the ability to cut expenses pertaining to phone calls in contrast to traditional phone lines. The main fee associated with this system is for the Internet, which is what is required to make the calls. Additionally, a company can enroll in VoIP plans and systems for a low monthly fee, and still have freedom as there are no contracts. These systems also offer cheaper use of features such as conference and video calls, and long distance calling across the nation or globe. Some providers even offer a mobile app for making calls from mobile devices using data.

2. Scalability: If more systems are required due to company growth, there is no need to acquire costly hardware. All that is required is plugging in a VoIP phone and configuring the settings to make it connect, making the set up fairly convenient. Furthermore, if an employee relocates, their phone number would remain the same, reducing the headache of acquiring a new number and sharing it with staff.

3. Accessibility: VoIP systems have the ability to be used worldwide as long as there is an Internet connection. There are VoIP adapters available that can allow remote access for communication. Users have option to access telephone services through email as well by accessing voicemail transcripts. This makes it an ideal option for those who work from home and travel frequently for business trips. It is also beneficial to reach a larger scope of customers across the country or even overseas.

4. Features: It has many of the same features associated with traditional phone lines, such as caller ID and voicemail, for no additional charges. It provides the option to conference call with multiple individuals, as well as communicating via videoconferencing. There is also a feature to convert voicemails into transcripts that are accessible via email, which is convenient for sharing with others and making notes. Documents and images can be forwarded using the system to increase collaboration and connectivity of meetings.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation1

The need and desire to decrease costs and initiate real-time action, in a highly competitive climate where margins are extremely thin, need logistics businesses to initiate a better control over their supply chain and make sure the operation is carried out smoothly at an efficient pace. Towards these goals, logistics companies are increasingly applying Big Data technology, to collect and analyze data, to streamline their current methods of operations while optimizing the supply chain.

Computers utilize algorithms to sort out Big Data, this unlocks insights as well as opportunities not possible with previous methods. These insights allow streamlining operations and optimization of the supply chain.


Technology Trends in 2018

tech trends

Four Technology Trends in 2018

2017 easily became the year of intelligence: the recent advancements in research within technology has triggered exciting and interesting trends that also comes with a greater impact. This year we are expecting to witness drastic exponential advancements in every direction. Technology such as machine learning will continue to transform multiple industries, making way for complete automation. The Internet of Things (IoT) will become so developed, that it would be able to build potential for building smart homes and cities. In this article, we will be focusing on recent technology trends and how they are affecting the world:

1. Augmented Reality 

Augmented Reality is likely to be talked about this year, providing experiences that immerse users into a unique experience while staying connected - many are tools allow you to experience augmented reality through your own mobile device. 

2. Robots

We've seen our fair share of Roomba's and other automated vacumes but in 2018, robots won't simply be just for housework - they can also offer multiple forms of entertainment and companionship. For example, a company named Somnos developed a companion robot that guides a person to sleep (reference). Honda has also made moves towards robots by showcasing their artificial intelligence technology that assists humans through daily life. 

3. Facial Recognition

Facial recognition technology is nothing new, but we are seeing more of its presence in recent products. For example, the Apple implemented this technology into their iPhone X. It allows iPhone Xownersr to unlock their phone and other features by simply scanning their face. Biometric solutions are being used to increase security in the coming year. 

4. 3D Printers 

Advancements in 3D printers mean big things for a lot of industries, altering the way people develop and manufacture. In the past, there was a lot of limitations to what could be built using specific products such as plastic. A new solution made by Desktop Metal makes printing with metal possible (reference). This makes it possible for us to build complex metal structures at a more efficient level. 

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Cryptocurrency and Businesses

cryptocurrency blog

Cryptocurrency and Businesses 

Without a doubt, the idea of cryptocurrency took over the world by storm specifically in the last two years. A cryptocurrency is "a digital or virtual currency that uses cryptography for security" (reference). The most defining feature cryptocurrency has is its free nature; it is not controlled or distributed out by a central power of authority. This feature makes it immune to the interference and handling of the government.

If you want to be more informed than your competitors, it's worth knowing more about how cryptocurrencies can impact your business practices in the near future:

More Payment Options

You may see an increasing pressure to being able to accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment the goods and services that you offer.  An increasing amount of corporations have already made changes that allow them to accept forms of cryptocurrency, this includes Amazon and Microsoft (reference). This change has encouraged many other smaller organizations to follow the trend and start accepting cryptocurrency (e.g. Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple).

Lower Costs Due to Lack of Processing Fees

A majority of digital payments require a form of processing fee. This is because there is an intermediary that facilitates the payment that requires a fee. For example, businesses that accept credit card payments are normally charged about 2-3% by their credit card processing company. On the other hand, cryptocurrency does not have any due to there being no intermediary. Cryptocurrency uses decentralized ledgers and functions as a peer-to-peer digital currency" (reference).

New Markets

Cryptocurrency makes transactions possible regardless of one's location. This allows businesses to operate within regions that were previously ineligible to purchase your product or service due to government regulations and other credit card restrictions.

In addition, cryptocurrency does give a business a chance to reach a niche market. Opening your doors to cryptocurrency payments can make a business more appealing to a certain group of people (reference). 

Celebrating 27 years in business, Teldisco provides high-quality great value telephone systems, office telephone, and business telephone. In addition, we sell VOIP phones, telephone equipment, phone system parts, conferencing systems, headsets, and networking equipment. Teldisco is committed to bringing you the best deals on refurbished phone equipment.


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