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Polycom Conference Phone Systems

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Conference phones allow employees to feel as though they are within the same room. It allows individuals to work remotely without worrying about having not being able to speak to those they need to. The Polycom conference phone collection specifically sets the industry standard for speakerphone technology that provides the clearest sound for all participants of the call regardless of their location. Polycom's advanced audio and teleconference technology lets each conference phone to adapt accordingly to the environment. A quality conference system can eliminate confusion and enhance productivity while making sure not a single word - or opportunity - gets left out.

The Polycom Difference

  • Patented acoustic technologies
  • Investment protection
  • Specialized conference call equipment
  • Audio innovations  

For more information, visit Polycom for more details. 

Celebrating 27 years in business, Teldisco provides high-quality great value telephone systems, office telephone, and business telephone. In addition, we sell VOIP phones, telephone equipment, phone system parts, conferencing systems, headsets, and networking equipment. Teldisco is committed to bringing you the best deals on refurbished phone equipment.

Best Multi Line Phone Systems For Small Businesses


1- Avaya

If a business has multiple locations, has employees working remotely, need to work with your own system, want an effective VoIP solution, or just simply need to improve their communication methods then Avaya IP phone systems will be the solution. Bellow are some features it comes with:

  • Reliable
  • Easy to use 
  • Unified messaging allwoing faxes, voicemails and emails in your personal computer inbox
  • expands up to 1000 users 
  • VPN Support 
  • Voicemail
  • Perfect for multiple site networking & remote users 

2- Cisco

Cisco offers numerous robust phone systems. They can be hosted both in cloud as well as on-premesis, are easily configured for companies with multiple locations while supporting up to thousands of employees. Cisco's unified communication systems can be configured to target calling and collaboration features. BEllow are some features it comes with:

  • All-in-one VoIP colution for businesses with 25-1,000 employees 
  • Various applications can be built into every system depending on the need
  • Supports multiple locations
  • Voicemail 
  • Access to many add on applications through out the products life cycle 





1. Switch to post consumer waste (PWC)

If possible, skip paper entirely, but if you must use, ensure that you are using eco-friendly paper. PWC paper is made entirely from the paper that is placed by us in the recycling bins.

3 Reasons to Buy Refurbished


1) It Saves You Money

Shopping secondhand means that whatever price you pay is only half of the original. Most often, clothes are donated because the person that bought it no longer likes it, or the piece no longer fits them. You can find brands like Urban Planet and Calvin Klein if that appeals to you. It also includes some of the latest trends at exceptionally low prices. Since used clothes come from all decades, you can explore fashions of the past to express the unique person that you are.

It’s the best way to deal with textile waste, because clothes don’t get thrown out after a few uses, it goes to a new home for another five years or more. This sounds pointless but think about where your thrown out clothes go. Landfills. There’s a big possibility that one day, the city you live in may have no choice but to turn the only available space into a landfill because there’s no space elsewhere. It may be your neighborhood…or your backyard. If you don’t believe me, mine was called Mount Trashmore.

2) It’s More Sustainable

There’s a lot of water and chemicals that go into our clothes. When I say a lot, I mean 1,800 galleons of water to make one pair of blue jeans. If we recycle unused clothes, that means we won’t be paying the price in the future. Aside from landfills there’s damage to the environment, loss of habitat for animals, and pollution of natural resources. Whose money goes to fixing that? Your tax money! Where do those landfills go? Anywhere. And the water that’s used to make clothes is probably drinking water… You’d think, it wouldn’t run out but let’s not wait for that surprise.

How is this a better way of dealing with textile waste? Clothes get a longer lifespan. When things get thrown out by hundreds of people, at around the same time, it creates an exponential amount of waste. But when people use clothes to the fullest extent, that clothes can take up to a decade before it touches a landfill. That means one pair of jeans could be used by someone else’s sibling, cousin, or friend. You paid a small amount and the benefits were a hundred times over.

3) Its a Recycling System that Directly Helps Everyone in Your Community

If you think secondhand clothes makes you look poor, it’s quite the opposite. Yes, there’s outdated items but overall, it’s relatively recent stuff that doesn’t get used. Everyone knows that being poor is one thing but looking poor can keep you that way. Your appearance is a key factor in areas like job interviews. Say you meet all the resume criteria but the place you’re having your interview requires a black suit. Low income workers can’t always drop a couple hundred bucks at a store selling a suit at retail price. Being able to walk to the nearest Talize or Bibles for Missions Thrift Store for a suit around $15 dollars or less is a blessing. Even if you’re well off, you might have to be penny pinching at least once in your lifetime and secondhand clothing stores have been supporting people of all income range for a long time.

Why is this a better use of textile waste? Because it creates a recycling community. Recycling clothes becomes a resource to people while helping those in need and the environment. On a social level, it’s a place where people can build a new identity out of used clothing that gives them greater mobility in the social world. On a community level, it builds a culture of recycling.

If you think that buying secondhand doesn’t change anything; it does. It directly helps to keep the recycling system in place and gives people with little money a face and personality of their own by keeping the costs low. If you think buying secondhand isn’t fashionable; it is. You can find anything from Levi denim jeans to black jackets and converse in a thrift store. You’re not settling for less at a thrift store. You’re settling for more.


Benefits of Telecommunication: Collaboration


Telecommunication is a crucial tool of a business to succeed. It allows companies to practice effective communication with customers while delivering high standards of customer service. Telecommunication is also important when it comes to teamwork, allowing employees from all levels and departments to easily collaborate regardless of their location. It gives companies the opportunity to integrate more flexibility by allowing employees to work efficiently within the office. The introduction of a telecommunication system gives employees new levels of collaboration.


Collaboration between departments can aid your company in improving performance in numerous projects. This includes CRM, QA, and product development. According to McKinsey & Company, complex problem solving is essential within the work of many employees. Therefore, telecommunication systems allow teams to generate and maintain momentum while making important decisions, even if not all members are present. Absent members can join through teleconference.


Avaya delivers integrated unified communications and team collaboration




To address the growing demand for easy-to-use, integrated, unified communication and team collaboration, Avaya announced the addition of cloud-based team collaboration to the Avaya Equinox Experience, the company’s unified communications and collaboration user interface and cloud service.

The Avaya Equinox Experience is a sleek, personal user interface for one-stop access to voice, video, chat communications channels, calendar, meetings and more. The “mobile-first” screen provides at-a-glance visibility to everything that a user needs in real time: schedule, contacts, messages, voice, and video.

The enhanced Avaya Equinox Experience will provide and support persistent messaging, ad hoc and scheduled meetings, with audio and video conferencing, screen and file sharing and task assignment.


With the addition of team collaboration, Avaya Equinox users can create and enter team rooms organized by a variety of categories with members both inside and outside of the organization, essentially breaking down the boundaries of a company’s communications infrastructure.

As an example, a sales team creating a proposal could use Avaya Equinox team collaboration and create rooms for customer presentation and demonstration planning, configuration and bill of materials, project pricing, and discounts, contracts, installation planning and services. The sales team could invite both internal and external team members for an easy, persistent and trackable means of communicating, individual or group meetings, sharing presentations, spreadsheets, installation diagrams, and speeding decision-making.

Laurent Philonenko, SVP and GM, Solutions and Technologies, Avaya said, “The market is rife with applications claiming to enable employee productivity, but few deliver the level of integration that crosses communication channels and modes, context and contacts, workflow activities and infrastructure boundaries.”

Being an enterprise-grade solution, Avaya Equinox provides a higher level of security over consumer-grade messaging and applications. The cloud-based, team collaboration capabilities are available standalone and also easily integrate with on-premises deployments of Avaya Equinox supported by Avaya’s communications platforms- Avaya Aura and Avaya IP Office.




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